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Adult Resource Center

Enhancing comfort, nuturing joy

Open Monday through Friday 7 am to 7 pm or by appointment

 The Adult Resource Center (ARC) at Parkside Ellijay is the only caregiver-dedicated support system in the area. ARC services ensure seniors receive high-quality care and support while caregivers tend to other obligations. Seniors enjoy delicious meals in a calm, warm and relaxing environment. 

Caregiver support

Licensed professionals personalize seniors’ experiences based on their specific needs, promising caregivers stability for their loved ones.

Community socialization

 Seniors interact with peers, reducing symptoms of isolation.

Mental stimulation

Games, exercise, artistic activities and craft projects allow seniors to relax while staying engaged.




 Frequently Asked Questions About the Adult Resource Center at Parkside Ellijay


How are ARC services different than adult day care?
The ARC’s culture is deeply rooted in respect and compassion. We design activities to keep members engaged, stimulated and in a pleasant state of mind. Seniors often see their time with us as a treat.

When are ARC services offered?
Monday through Friday 7 am–7 pm.

What are the check-in and check-out times?
You can drop off or pick up your loved one at any time during the ARC’s hours of operation.

Are services billed per day or hour?
Services are billed hourly up to four hours. Beyond four hours, the day rate is changed.  For more information on the ARC Fee Schedule, click here

Do you accept insurance?
The ARC services are only private pay at this time.

Are meals provided?
Breakfast, lunch and two snacks are served each day.

Is transportation provided by the ARC?
The ARC has future plans for providing round trip transportation from the member’s place of residence to the ARC and back home again. For medical appointments, the ARC is working with area providers to provide dental, vision and podiatry services onsite. The ARC staff is happy to assist in scheduling these medical appointments for members.  Medicaid eligible participants may qualify for transportation assistance.

How experienced is the ARC staff?
Our program director is a registered nurse; the activity director is certified and a licensed practical nurse; and the activity coordinator is a certified nursing assistant. All ARC caregivers are CPR certified.

What about my loved one’s medications?
The Parkside Ellijay medical staff will assist your loved one with medications by providing reminders when it is time to take the prescribed medication and with ensuring your loved one takes the correct dosage. 

Do you have an on-site salon where my loved one can get a haircut?
Yes, we have a salon at Parkside Ellijay and it is available by appointment for anyone utilizing the ARC services.

How will members be entertained?
There are two areas with cable TVs. One is a socialization room, where members dine, participate in arts and crafts, play cards and watch TV. The other is a resting room, featuring three recliners and a sofa, where members can enjoy quiet time or relax with a movie.

Is Wi-Fi available?
Yes, we offer Wi-Fi. We also have a desktop computer available for use.

Do you offer outpatient therapy to ARC members?
Yes. With the appropriate physician referral, our team of speech, occupational and physical therapy specialists can assist your loved one in regaining previous levels of functionality.

How can I apply for ARC membership for my loved one?
Call 706-276-4708 or email info@ParksideEllijay.com to begin the application process, or visit your primary care physician for a referral.

What other services are available for my loved one as a member of the Adult Resource Center at Parkside Ellijay?
Ask about our visiting dentist, vision care specialist and podiatry services. Take advantage of these health amenities during an ARC stay. With a physician’s order, your loved one can include outpatient rehab and therapy services during their day at the ARC to build or regain strength and balance. If the ARC staff recognizes your loved one could benefit from these additional services, we will work with you to gain a physician’s order. 

What if my loved one needs a long-term stay solution?
We offer respite services. Learn more about our long-term solutions here.